Pastor G. Sundaram


The founder of "The Apostolic Christian Assembly", Pastor G. Sundaram, was born on 7th Feb 1909 in a small village called Palliyadi in Tamil nadu, India. His parents, Gabriel and Jeevavirutcham were school teachers. He had five sisters and two brothers.

Pastor Sundaram's mother nurtured him in the fear of the Lord. Even as a child, he read the Bible and prayed daily. While he was still in school, he used to work hard on their farm along with his father. Before going to school, he spent two hours early in the morning, drawing water from the well and cutting firewood. Then he would walk six kilometers to school everyday. Amidst all the hardships, he finished his schooling and graduation.

In 1929 Pastor Sundaram went to Malaysia, along with his younger sister, after her marriage. As a young man, he had to face many trials and temptations, which led him away from God. On May 9th, 1929, while walking along a street in Kuala Lumpur, he was led by the spirit of God, to enter a house where a small group of people had gathered to worship God. The words of the preacher touched his heart and he was convicted of his sins. When he went home, he cried aloud and prayed for God's forgiveness. His prayers continued throughout the night. Late that night he felt the glorious presence of the Lord fill his room. He saw a vivid image of the nail pierced hands of Jesus. That vision had a powerful impact in his life and he witnessed a dramatic change. He entirely committed his life to do God's will.

He worked as a teacher in a school in Kuala Lumpur for three and a half years, after which, realizing God's call in his life, he dedicated himself to do God's ministry. He came back to India and served as a pastor in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. In 1945 he married Beatrice Jebarathnam, who was a God fearing young woman and an epitome of God's love. In 1953 God blessed them with a son, Joshua Sundaram, who he is an associate pastor at ACA currently.

In 1948, the spirit of God urged Pastor Sundaram to go to Madras (now called Chennai) and he started a small church called ACA with a small gathering of 4 people. His implicit obedience to God was the foundation of this church, and by his prayers and hard work the church saw an immense growth. Now, ACA has over 20,000 members and has more than 350 branch churches in India and abroad.

Pastor G. Sundaram went to be with the Lord in the year 1989 at the age of 80. In his ministry, he had to face many hurdles and difficulties. But through it all, he held on to God and never strayed away from God's will. His exemplary life and pastoral care continues to inspire and guide people even today.