Pastor M. K. Sam Sundaram

Pastor.M.K.Sam Sundaram was born in the year 1938 in Chennai, India. His parents M. V. Kuttalam and Sethuammal belonged to an orthodox Hindu community. He has 2 brothers and 3 sisters. He was a devout Hindu in his childhood days. He used to visit Hindu temples and fall prostrate before the idols, praying with much reverence. During the year 1947, his father and his elder brother received the salvation of God and were baptized. But even then, he was not able to accept that Jesus Christ was the "Only Way." In the years that followed, his family members and friends constantly spoke to him about Jesus and salvation. Finally, on 11th July 1954, he gave his life to the Lord and got baptized.

While in college, he used to distribute hand bills about Jesus to other fellow students. Many students were blessed by the prayer meetings he arranged and were saved and baptized.

After college hours, he would visit the slums and share the gospel of Christ to the poor. In this way, even as a teenager, he was mightily used by God. After graduation, the Lord guided him to do His ministry. In spite of his receiving many good job offers from various companies, he decided to serve the Lord. He began his ministry as an assistant pastor to the founder, Pastor.G.Sundaram. The Lord has blessed him with His powerful anointing and grace that he is able to do a glorious ministry for God till today.

In 1961, he married Leelavathi, who was the younger sister of Pastor. G. Sundaram's wife. She has always been a pillar of support and has encouraged him in all his endeavors. They had visited various places like Dubai, England, USA and many more places, and glorified God with their ministry.

For almost 28 years, he assisted the founder Pastor. G. Sundaram in his ministry. In 1989 when Pastor. G. Sundaram went to be with the Lord, the God-ordained successor was Pastor. M. K. Sam Sundaram. As a chief pastor, he was been able to direct the church in the 'ways of God.' Multitudes of people have benefited from the many sermons given by him. Through him, the Lord continues to expand the boundaries of this ministry in all sides. He has been the driving force behind the considerable growth of this ministry. Thousands of souls were added to the church every year! His dedication and passion for the church will make it reach even greater heights and prepare millions of people for the Lord's coming.

Pastor M. K. Sam Sundaram went to be with the Lord in the year 2015 at the age of 77. His life and ministry has been such a blessing, impacting thousand of Lives. He is truely a saint in the Lord's Vineyard.